About Us



The Owner and founder of Quality Resources Firm, Ms. D, has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health, a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership/Human Resources, and is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional, SHRM-SCP. Ms. D has a diverse background working with a wide range of individuals from all over the world. Those individuals ages were from birth to elderly, some with mental  health challenges or physical disabilities. Having a passion for helping people, Ms. D strives to provide positive engagement experiences for all. Previously, Ms. D was a Supervisor in the Human Resources Department for a large retail chain that had over 1050 store locations and over 11,000 employees. Additionally, Ms. D owned and operated a Child Development Center licensed for 60 children and also worked as a Director of Operation for a non-profit organization, providing educational services to Elementary schools serving over 800 children and their families. Ms. D is also a Breast Cancer Survivor and truly believes that you only live once so you should live life to the fullest, on purpose, go for whatever you desire, and if you get knocked down, get back up and try again!

Our Reset Approach


In today's economy, a simple blemish from ones past can be the deciding factor of one being able to obtain employment or not. Every individual should have an opportunity to receive gainful employment. QRF and its partners are driven to assist our clients in branding themselves to be more marketable  and confident to achieve the career path desired. 

Why Us?


Trying to find a job shouldn't cost a fortune. Not only do we try and help our clients establish a career path and obtain the confidence to succeed, we do it at an affordable rate.